Boeing's historic order backlog for the 787 was based partly on steep discounts driven by now-discarded design and manufacturing assumptions, according to data obtained by Flightglobal affiliate FlightBlogger.

Cost overruns, penalty payments and supply chain changes, adopted in the last two years, the report says, will force Boeing to achieve unprecedented cost-savings for the widebody to turn a profit even after delivering the current 846-aircraft backlog.

ANA 787, ©Boeing 

 © Boeing

The article, which is the culmination of an 18-month long look at 787 pricing, explores how the backlog was built, the foundations of the program, Scott Carson's ascent to the top of Boeing Commercial Airplanes, the prospect and hope for the 787-9, a possible future ramp up of 17 787's per month, the revival of the 787-10 and the redrawing of the global supply chain lines.

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