Details have emerged of the terms of the G222 trade-in deal agreed by Alenia Aeronautica as part of its €206 million ($206 million) deal with the Italian air force for five C-27Js and seven options. The C-27J is a development of the G222 with new engines and avionics.

Alenia has agreed to take back from the air force 39 G222s, some of which have already been retired from service.

The Italian manufacturer plans to refurbish and upgrade the tactical transports for onwards export. According to Alenia, only 20 can be sold on immediately with minimum work.

Alenia has identified Egypt, Nigeria, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka as potential buyers, of which only Nigeria is an existing customer. The company also identifies the United Nations - which has already used the G222 on humanitarian missions - as a potential operator, although observers believe that would be a lease deal rather than a sale.

Source: Flight International