Germany is continuing to promote the creation of a multinational pool of up to 20 NH90 rotorcraft to be used for combat medevac missions.

It first floated the idea in late 2014 amid contract revision talks with the NH Industries consortium which resulted in it retaining 20 options for the troop transport helicopter.

Maj Gen Thomas Marlow, commander of the German army’s rapid forces division, speaking on the sidelines of IQPC's International Military Helicopter 2016 conference, on 19 January, said the idea is “on the table” and it is talking with other nations about “who is willing to participate” and under what conditions.

German NH90 TTH


The collaboration would be designed to “address the this European shortfall of medevac helicopters” he says.

To be stationed in Germany, the NH90s could be deployed either as part of a multinational effort or as a smaller “national contingent” if countries are planning their own operations.

He says most countries have been receptive to the idea but have asked for more details.

“It is a process that will need a couple of years before we come to a solid decision about how this could be put into reality,” he says.

Although Germany holds 20 options, the eventual fleet could be smaller. "If it is only possible with a lesser number of helicopters that is something we would consider," he adds.