Airbus has selected Goodrich to provide the main landing gear for the -1000 variant of the A350 XWB, opting for a different gear supplier than for the A350-900 and -800.

Messier-Dowty is supplying the main landing gear for the smaller A350-900 and -800.

"The A350-1000 operates at higher design weights than the A350-900/-800 and features an all-new, six-wheel main landing gear compared to the four-wheel design of the other A350 models. Airbus launched a call for tender to secure best overall value for the A350-1000. After thorough evaluation of the competitive bids - covering a wide range of criteria - Goodrich was selected," an Airbus spokesman tells ATI and Flightglobal.

The airframer's contract with Goodrich covers the design, test, manufacture and in-service support of the A350-1000's main landing gear.

Goodrich says it expects to generate more than $2 billion in original equipment and aftermarket revenue for the firm over the life of the programme.

It says the work will represent "a global effort" involving Goodrich locations in Canada, the United States, Poland, India and France, as well as collaboration with Goodrich's global supply chain.

"This selection represents a continuation of Goodrich's growing relationship with Airbus as a key landing gear supplier," says Jack Carmola, president of goodrich's actuation and landing systems segment.

"This program will allow us to leverage our experience as the landing gear supplier on the A380 program and continue with this success onto the A350-1000."

In addition to the -1000 main landing gear, Goodrich is providing all three members of the A350 XWB family's nacelle and thrust reverser system, wheels and carbon brakes, air data system and ice detection system, external video system and cabin attendant seats.

A Messier-Dowty spokeswoman confirms the firm is providing the main landing gear for the A350-900 and -800, and says there has been "no change" to that agreement. She declines to comment on any bidding activity concerning the A350-1000's main landing gear.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news