Leonardo Helicopters has secured US certification for its skid-equipped AW109 Trekker, having gained European approval for the light-twin in June 2018.

Designed to appeal to the emergency medical services segment, the new variant builds on the success of the AW109 Grand New and is the first light-twin in the company's portfolio to be fitted with skid landing gear, says Leonardo Helicopters.

AW109 Trekker

Leonardo Helicopters

With a maximum take-off weight of 3,175kg (7,000lb), the Trekker also features a Genesys Aerosystems glass cockpit and is powered by twin Pratt & Whitney Canada PW207C engines.

Leonardo Helicopters launched the Trekker in 2014, promising certification in 2015, with Texas-based aeromedical provider SevenBar Aviation as the launch customer.

So far, the manufacturer has secured 60 orders for the variant, with deliveries beginning last year.

Source: FlightGlobal.com