Poland's WZL-1 military aviation works in Lodz on 30 November transferred to the Senegal air force the remaining two of three overhauled Mil Mi-24V attack helicopters. The handover followed the completion of acceptance flights performed by Polish and Senegalese air force pilots.

Senegal Mi-24s - WZL-1


Following the acceptance, the rotorcraft had their main rotor blades removed and were loaded aboard an Antonov An-124 cargo aircraft operated by Antonov Airlines. The pair were then transported to Dakar.

Senegal Mi-24 - WZL-1


A first Mi-24 to have been overhauled by the Polish company, and carrying the registration 6W-HCA, was delivered to Senegal in January 2017.

Flight Fleets Analyzer shows the Senegal air force as also operating a pair of additional Mi-35s.

Source: FlightGlobal.com