Nigerian investigators have yet to ascertain the full details of an incident involving a Kabo Air flight which landed at the city of Sokoto on 4 October.

The Boeing 747-200 apparently landed on Sokoto’s runway 26 despite having been cleared for runway 08, according to a government statement widely carried within Nigeria.

It also struck a section of the instrument landing system during the landing and came to a halt with deflated tyres.

But the Nigerian Accident Investigation Bureau is not yet prepared to confirm any details of the incident which appears to have taken place at night following a service from Kano.

“The aircraft had burst tyres on landing,” says a spokesman for the bureau. “We’ve sent an investigation team there, but it has not [given further details].”

In the purported government statement the aircraft, identified as 5N-JRM, had been en route to Saudi Arabia with 494 passengers and 18 crew.