Guatemala has finalised a previously announced deal for six Embraer A-26/EMB-314 Super Tucanos, three ground-based radars and a command and control station.

The acquisition, announced on 10 April, will allow the Central American country to finally retire its ageing Cessna A-37B Dragonfly fleet, as it struggles to combat drug smugglers flying through its airspace en route to North America.

Guatemala selected the Super Tucano nearly four years ago, but the deal was delayed by a lack of financing. In October 2012, the country's Congress approved a financing package offered by Brazilian and Argentinian banks for a total of $169 million in loans.

 Super Tucano Colombia - Embraer


Colombia is a current operator of the armed Super Tucano

The deal adds a sixth Latin American customer to Embraer's Super Tucano orderbook, and a 12th buyer of the light attack fighter and trainer overall.

Source: Flight International