Lufthansa Technik Philippines (LTP) will complete its hangar expansion at Manila by the third quarter of this year, allowing it to ramp up its A380 and 777 base maintenance.

“We’ll be able to increase our yearly capacity by 200,000 manhours,” says Sascha Leitner, head of strategy and corporate projects.

Currently, LTP’s main hangar can fit four widebody aircraft at the same time, and upon the project’s completion, two of its bays will be able to accommodate A380s.

Marek Wernicke, senior vice president for base maintenance says that the addition is important as it increases it has been increasing its A380 capabilities.

“At present, we have concluded over ten C1 and C2-checks, two C4-checks, and various cabin and wing-rib modifications. These events have strengthened our expertise and improved our turnaround times.”

The project will also see the construction of a new widebody bay for 777 base maintenance, and that the flexible aircraft bays will also be reconfigurable, allowing it to service different aircraft types as the market requires.

A new docking system will also be designed for one of its bays to allow for the future servicing of new aircraft types such as the 777-9X, 787 and A350.

Source: Cirium Dashboard