Lufthansa Technik has been selected to maintain and supply spare parts for the full-authority digital engine control systems on CFM International Leap engines.

The German MRO group says it signed a 25-year agreement with FADEC Alliance, a joint venture between GE Aviation and FADEC International, which is itself a joint venture between Safran and BAE Systems.

CFM is jointly owned by GE and Safran.

LHT will establish a repair station for the FADEC systems at its Hamburg headquarters and manage a pool of line-replaceable units for both its own and FADEC International's customers.

"[LHT's] global footprint provides superior customer support, while FADEC Alliance's strategic technical expertise in Leap engine controls makes this contract a win-win for airlines across the world," states FADEC Alliance chief executive Steven McCullough.

The contract covers all Leap versions.

Boeing 737 Max jets are exclusively powered by Leap-1B engines, while the -1A is an option on the Airbus A320neo. The in-development Comac C919, will initially be powered by the Leap-1C. .

CFM has previously selected LHT as an overhaul partner for Leap engines.