Russian maintenance provider S7 Technics has expanded its engine repair capabilities to include high-pressure compressor and hot section repairs for CFM International CFM56 powerplants.

S7 Technics says its facility at Moscow Domodedovo airport has been approved for "complete disassembly and reassembly" of the CFM56-5B and -7B engines powering Airbus A320ceo-family jets and Boeing 737NGs respectively.

The approval enables the MRO provider to replace combustion chambers, HP turbine nozzles and other units in the gas path from the low-pressure (LP) compressor through to the LP turbine, S7 Technics says.

It notes that SR Technics provided it with help in building up its engine capabilities.

Zurich-based SRT had previously assisted S7 Technics in opening the engine shop in 2016 with an initial focus on CFM56 on-wing services.

Alexey Starkov, the head of S7 Technics' engine shop, states: "We realised [in 2017] that the demand for engine repair services in Russia and CIS market had surged."

He says the MRO provider has received "many requests" for combustion chamber replacements and fan-related tasks, and therefore decided it needed to build up its capabilities.