Nextant Aerospace has sold its first private jet in the New Zealand market, a re-manufactured Beechjet 400 designated Nextant 400XTi.

The customer is the New Zealand Air Ambulance Service and the aircraft will be configured as a quick-change air ambulance, says Nextant in a statement.

“Our new Nextant 400XTi, together with our specialist clinical teams, will be the first fully accredited intensive care jet air ambulance service ever to be established in New Zealand,” says New Zealand Air Ambulance.

“This new service will support our longer range Australasian, South Pacific Island and beyond aero medical program. By any measure, the 400XTi, with its latest technology, fuel-efficient engines, advanced avionics suite, cabin size, 2003 nm range, high speed, very competitive operating costs and safety record, is clearly the best choice for our operation.”