Russian investigators have found no evidence of technical failure on the RusAir Tupolev Tu-134 which crashed while landing at Petrozavodsk on 20 June.

The inquiry is still examining the training given to the crew of the twinjet, which struck trees and powerlines after diverging from the approach course.

Information from the aircraft's flight recorders and technical documentation has not indicated deficiencies in the operation, said the Interstate Aviation Committee.

But it added that there is no sign on the flight recorders of technical failure before the accident.

All the control systems were intact during the final moments and the Tu-134's flight-control surfaces were deflecting "in accordance with movement of the controls".

"All the destruction to the airframe was the result of excessive loads resulting from the collision with forest vegetation, the impact with the ground and subsequent fire," it said.

Neither engine was damaged prior to the accident and both were operational. Crucial spatial-positioning and navigation instruments - providing altitude and speed data - were all functioning.

Work has been completed to clean the noise on the cockpit-voice recorder and identify those who were communicating on the flightdeck. Investigators are also preparing a report summarising the testimony of witnesses to the accident.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news