Boeing has added orders for 60 737 Max and 20 737NGs to its order backlog and attributed them to at least one unidentified buyer

Though Boeing declines to confirm the customer’s identity, details about the transaction point to a recently announced order by China Eastern Airlines.

A 13 June filing on the Hong Kong stock exchange shows China Eastern has signed a purchase agreement with Boeing for a total of 80 737s, including both 737 Max and 737-800 aircraft.

China Eastern did not break down how many aircraft of each variant were included in the deal. However, the filing lists the overall value of the deal as $7.387 billion. It also lists the “basic” price of the 737-800 as $81.16 million and the 737 Max as $96.07 million. Combining the prices of 20 737-800s and 60 737 Max aircraft adds up to $7.387 billion.

Purchase agreements usually precede the signing of a firm order, but not always.

It is not clear why Boeing would not identify China Eastern as a customer, if China Eastern had already announced it was buying 737s.

Source: Cirium Dashboard