Elbit Systems has added the mini-MUSIC to its family of directional infrared countermeasure (DIRCM) systems.

According to the company, the system provides high-performance protection for all types of rotary and fixed-wing aircraft against heat-seeking surface-to-air missiles. The lightweight package has already been flight-tested.

Elbit's family also includes the original MUSIC system, designed to protect medium to large rotary and fixed-wing aircraft; the C-MUSIC version for commercial airliners; and J-MUSIC for multiple distributed installation on types such as military transports, tankers and business jets.

All these systems use fibre-laser-based, directional infrared countermeasure technology and a sealed turret for maximum reliability. The initial detection of incoming threats is provided by a missile warning system, which passes information to the DIRCM, which then directs a thermal tracker to acquire and track the threat. A powerful laser beam is then fired accurately at the missile, causing it to be deflected away from the aircraft.

Source: Flight Daily News