Indonesia has received a Boeing Business Jets BBJ2 that will be used for presidential transport duties.

The type will be operated by the country’s air force, which previously chartered aircraft chartered from Garuda Indonesia for presidential use. The aircraft, which is based on the Boeing 737-800 airframe, was acquired at a cost of $89.6 million.

Indonesia BBJ2

Indonesian Air Force Twitter: @_TNIAU

“For the first time since we gained independence 69 years ago, this is the first time we've had a presidential aircraft,” says Indonesia's state secretary Sudi Silalahi.

The aircraft can accommodate up to 67 passengers, and is equipped with meeting rooms and executive areas. It also has a fuel capacity of 39,539l (10.3 US gal) and can fly up to 4,660nm (8,630km) with 50 passengers onboard.

The aircraft is now entering into a certification process with the country's defence ministry before it enters service with the air force.

Source: Cirium Dashboard