Two people have been killed after a Russian-operated Tupolev Tu-154 crashed while attempting an emergency landing at Moscow Domodedovo.

The Russian emergency situations ministry states that the aircraft, with 168 on board including eight crew, was operating from Moscow to Makhachkala, in Dagestan.

It identifies the operator of the tri-jet as Dagestan Airlines.

"As a result of the emergency landing of the Tu-154, two people were killed and another 40 injured," the ministry says. "The exact number of victims is being clarified."

Preliminary information from Domodedovo operator East Line claims that the aircraft had departed Moscow Vnukovo but was returning to the capital after losing power in all three engines.

Dagestan TU-154 crash

Dagestan TU-154 crash

Dagestan TU-154 crash

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Source: Air Transport Intelligence news