Held at Batajnica air base near Belgrade on 2 September, the Serbian air force's centennial air show attracted visiting aircraft from Russia and the Italian and US air forces, along with flight demonstrations involving the host nation's assets.

Highlights included a formation of five of the Serbian air force's newly-delivered Utva Lasta trainers, a tactical demonstration involving four Soko J-22 Oraos and six Soko G-4 Super Galebs, and a mock dogfight involving two RAC MiG-29s and a MiG-21, along with solo displays.

Serbian air force Mig 29 & USAF F-16
mock dogfight involving two Serbian air force RAC
Serbian air force Utva Lasta trainers

Igor Salinger

On the ground, former adversaries in 1999's Allied Force conflict lined up side by side, with a USAF Lockheed Martin F-16C from Aviano AFB in Italy parked alongside a Serbian air force MiG-29.

With future procurement needs in mind, the event also attracted Airbus Military, Eurocopter, Eurofighter and MDBA.

Source: Flight International