Deliveries of upgraded RAC MiG-29s to the Polish air force are continuing, and negotiations for a second batch may begin soon.

The upgrade is being performed by Poland's WZL-2 Military Aviation Works, and is based on a design and systems supplied by Israel Aerospace Industries. The modernisation package includes new avionics, cockpit instruments and an advanced debriefing system.

WZL-2 last year delivered the first of 13 upgraded MiG-29A fighters and three UB-model trainers from the current contract. The work involves roughly half of the Polish air force's fleet of the type.

Separately, the WZL-2 depot is to perform a basic upgrade on 18 Sukhoi Su-22s for the service. This will enable Poland to extend operations with the type for another 10 years.

Long-term, Poland also has an interest in potentially acquiring the Lockheed Martin F-35, to join its air force fleet of 48 F-16C/Ds.