Airbus is temporarily suspending aircraft production at its US assembly line in Mobile for about three weeks, and is adapting activity at its German facilities in Bremen and Stade.

The airframer assembles A320 and A220 jets at the Mobile plant.

Airbus says it will “pause” production this week and expects the suspension to continue until 29 April.

Certain essential activities will continue at the site – among them aircraft and building maintenance, critical product safety work, and materials control.

Airbus says suspension of commercial aircraft work at its Bremen centre will run from 6-27 April, and from 5-11 April at Stade.

There will be “some additional pause days” at Stade in subsequent weeks, affecting particular production divisions.

Airbus insists it “remains committed to meeting customer demand”.

But it points out that “high inventory levels” at the sites, combined with differing local government requirements at its various European facilities, are affecting different stages of the aircraft manufacturing flow.

It has previously introduced suspensions of assembly work in Spain and France, while the coronavirus outbreak had affected its Tiajin facility earlier this year, and production halts have been called at Canadian centres as well as Airbus’s UK wing plant.