Rolls-Royce has completed the first run of its BR725 engine at its facility in Dahlewitz, Germany. The engine has been selected by Gulfstream to power its new G650 ultra-long-range business jet.

"The engine powered up first time and attained 80% of its full thrust rating," says Dr Rainer Hönig, Rolls-Royce project director for BR725 and future programmes. "It is demonstrating full functionality and is performing in line with targets set in the early stages of the programme two years ago. This first landmark has been made possible by the strong relationships with our partners and suppliers," he says.

The 16,100lb thrust (72kN) BR725 is the most advanced member of the BR700 engine series and the sixth new powerplant added to the company's civil aerospace portfolio within the past six years.

The engine that performed the first run is one of five to be used in ground testing, while a further eight are earmarked for flight testing.

The BR725 is more powerful, more fuel efficient and more than 4dB quieter than its predecessor, the BR710, says R-R. The engine also shows a 21% improvement in NOx emissions. Design features include a 125cm (50in) diameter fan assembly made up of 24 "swept" titanium blades for improved aerodynamic efficiency and lower noise. The new, all-composite nacelle has a new inlet cowl to house the larger fan, but the diameter is the same size as its BR710 equivalent.

The BR725 is scheduled to power the first flight of a G650 in the second half of 2009 and will enter service on this aircraft in early 2012.

R-R says further details about the engine test programme will be released at the European Business Aviation Convention and Exhibition on 20-22 May.

Source: Flight International