Russian authorities are discussing the restoration of air services to the disputed territory of Abkhazia, a region in the northwestern extremity of Georgia.

Federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia says governing representatives of the two sides have met with a view to assessing Abkhazia's main airport at Sukhumi and determining the measures necessary to resume flights.

The parties discussed the technical condition of the terminal building and the airfield and looked at the requirements for establishing air traffic control.

Development of the first stage of a masterplan for the airport is "nearing completion", says Rosaviatsia. It will detail a "clear" strategy for sustainable functioning and development.

Initial plans are focused on four daily services – a mix of passenger and cargo links – according to Egor Solomatin, the head of an investment project to rebuild the airport's activities.

The airport has been assigned the international code URAS, according to an Abkhazia cabinet ministers' resolution, dated July 2019, on reopening Sukhumi to scheduled international services.

Abkhazia prime minister Valeri Bganba says the two sides will discuss "legal support" for rebuilding the airport following a previous meeting between their governments' leaders in Sochi.