Investigators probing the unauthorised departure, and subsequent crash, of a Bombardier Q400 from Seattle have recovered the remaining parts of the turboprop’s cockpit-voice recorder.

Initial parts of the cockpit recorder had been retrieved soon after the 10 August event.

The US Federal Bureau of Investigation says the search effort at the crash site, on Ketron Island, has resulted in “recovery of the remaining components” of the recorder.

Investigators had already located the flight-data recorder.

The FBI says it is still awaiting formal reports from the local medical examiner’s office regarding the cause of death of the unlicensed pilot, the only occupant of the Horizon Air Q400.

“We will refrain from making any assertions,” it adds, until the medical data is released and information from the flight recorders is obtained from the National Transportation Safety Board.

No other injuries resulted from the crash, which destroyed the aircraft.

Source: Cirium Dashboard