Colombian authorities have disclosed that none of the 14 occupants of a Douglas DC-3 have survived after the aircraft crashed during a domestic service to Villavicencio.

The aircraft, which departed San Jose del Guaviare on 9 March, declared an emergency at around 10:40, states the Colombian aviation regulator Aeronautica Civil.

It says the aircraft – operated by Latinoamericana de Servicios Aereo, also known as Laser Aereo – was located in a village named La Bendicion, close to its destination.

“According to information provided by the rescue agencies that arrives in the area, there are no survivors,” the authority states.

It has issued a manifest which lists 14 occupants, including two pilots and a technical member.

The authority has not confirmed the circumstances which prompted the distress call. Meteorological data for Villavicencio airport at the time did not indicate any adverse weather conditions.

Aeronautica Civil identifies the airframe as being registered HK-2494. Its official registry states that the aircraft bears serial number 99826 and is configured for 20 passengers.

Provisional information indicates the airframe was originally manufactured in 1945, with subsequent operators including Sadelca.

Aeronautica Civil says the aircraft had “valid certifications” for airworthiness, and its crew had valid licences and medical certificates.

“[We will] carry out a pertinent investigation and proceed to compile the evidence that allows [the authority] to establish the probable causes of the incident,” it adds.

Source: Cirium Dashboard