Canadian investigators are probing an incident involving a Lockheed Martin L-382G Hercules whose crew had to deal with a shutdown of two of its four engines.

The Lynden Air Cargo aircraft, a civil version of the military transport, was being operated on a 22 January service between Yellowknife and Anchorage.

As it climbed out of Yellowknife, says the Transportation Safety Board of Canada, the crew received a low-oil warning for the inboard left-hand engine, followed by an indication that the propeller speed was out of limits.

The pilots prepared to dump fuel and return to Yellowknife, informing tower controllers that they were shutting down one of the aircraft’s Rolls-Royce Allison 501-D22A engines.

Investigators state that, shortly afterwards, another low-oil indicator illuminated – with a similar out-of-limit speed warning – for the inboard right-hand engine.

“[The crew] then declared an emergency and advised they had to shut a second engine down,” says the safety board. The aircraft landed without further incident.

Circumstances of the event are under examination. Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft, N402LC, as a 43-year old airframe. It shows that the aircraft is on lease to US aerial firefighting specialist Coulson Aircrane.

Source: Cirium Dashboard