Russian authorities have indicated interest in introducing remote-tower concepts similar to those being deployed at a number of European airports.

Federal air transport regulator Rosaviatsia has been hosting a discussion on the subject in co-operation with the ministry of transport, the state air traffic management corporation, and the state civil aviation research institute.

Rosaviatsia says the concepts could be used to "improve quality and effectiveness" of air navigation services at Russian airports with low levels of flight activity.

Russian industries have developed the necessary remote video surveillance technology, it adds, but a pilot project needs to be undertaken at a suitable airport in order to conduct a "practical check" of the capabilities and carry out a risk assessment.

The discussion, held during the MAKS Moscow air show, outlined foreign experience in remote-tower implementation as well as the critical problems associated with data transmission between the tower and the control centre, with contributions from Russian specialist firms VNIIRA and MANS.

Rosaviatsia also points out that the introduction of remote towers would need amendments to the regulatory framework, to address the issue of legal oversight.