Russian investigators have retrieved the cockpit-voice and flight-data recorders from the Aeroflot Sukhoi Superjet 100 involved in a landing accident at Moscow Sheremetyevo.

The federal Investigative Committee says the retrieval was carried out with support from the Interstate Aviation Committee, which is the lead authority for air transport accidents in Russia.

Investigative Committee

Inspection of the runway and aircraft fuselage are being conducted, the Investigative Committee states, and samples of fuel have been taken from the aircraft’s tanks and the storage facility at the airport.

It adds that the inquiry will examine surveillance camera footage and the air-ground transmissions with traffic controllers.

The Superjet had been fuelled for a service to Murmansk, a distance of around 780nm with a duration of 2h 45min, but returned to Sheremetyevo about 30min after departure.

Thirty-three passengers and four crew members successfully evacuated the aircraft, which was destroyed by fire after a hard landing.

The Investigative Committee says it has retrieved the remains of the other 41 occupants.

Investigators will examine multiple aspects which might have contributed to the accident, including equipment malfunction, technical inspection, meteorological conditions and crew qualification, it adds.

Source: Cirium Dashboard