Russian carrier Yamal is blaming an untreated icy surface for a Moscow taxiing accident in which a Sukhoi Superjet 100 collided with a lighting mast.

The aircraft (RA-89073) had arrived from Tyumen on 6 February, touching down on runway 32L at the Russian capital's Domodedovo airport.

It vacated the runway but, in the process of taxiing to the parking stand, it encountered ice on the taxiway surface and the crew lost directional control.

Yamal says aircraft was travelling at "minimum speed" and the crew engaged emergency braking and reverse thrust in an effort to stop the "unguided" slide.

But the measures were unsuccessful and the Superjet struck a lighting mast, sustaining slat damage to the starboard wing.

None of the 58 passengers on the jet was injured.

Yamal is claiming that a "failure to take timely measures" to remove the ice contributed to the accident. The airport operator has yet to respond publicly.

Moscow's transport prosecutor's office says it has embarked on a compliance check to verify adherence to flight-safety legislation, adding that the collision occurred around 20:00.

Flight Fleets Analyzer lists the aircraft as having been delivered new to Yamal two years ago, in February 2017, through a lease from state firm GTLK.

Source: Cirium Dashboard