Rescuers are still searching for the flight data recorder (FDR) and cockpit voice recorder (CVR) of a Nepalese regional carrier's Dornier 228 turboprop that crashed in central Nepal on 24 August.

A team from Agni Air, as well as soldiers from the Nepalese Army, are carrying out the search, says an airline official.

"We will dispatch a second team tomorrow to help out," he adds.

The Dornier 228 had crashed in the hills of Makwanpur while flying to Kathmandu. All 14 people on board, including six foreigners, died in the incident.

The wreckage of the aircraft has scattered all over, making the search for the recorders difficult, says the airline official.

It is not clear yet what resulted in the crash, although the airline official says it was raining heavily when the aircraft went down.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news