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ANSWERS: Concorde 50th anniversary quiz

Question 1:

What was the maximum temperature on Concorde’s nose when cruising at Mach 2?

A 146 degrees C

B 127 degrees C

C 100 degrees C

D 217 degrees C

Question 2:

How many Concordes were built, including prototypes and pre-production aircraft?

A 20

B 16

C 7

D 14

Question 3:

To where did British Airways inaugurate Concorde services on 21 January 1976?

A Dubai

B Bahrain

C New York

D Rio de Janeiro

Question 4:

Concorde cruised at Mach 2, but what did that roughly equate to in miles/min?

A 12

B 35

C 23

D 17

Question 5:

Who was in command for Concorde’s first flight in 1969?

A Brian Trubshaw

B Andre Turcat

C Bernard Ziegler

D John Conchrane


Question 1: B 127 degrees C

Question 2: A 20

Question 3: B Bahrain

Question 4: C 23

Question 5: B Andre Turcat

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