German authorities have disclosed evidence suggesting that the first officer of the ill-fated Germanwings Airbus A320 had researched methods of suicide as well as cockpit security days before the crash.

The public prosecutor’s office of Dusseldorf says that regional investigators have analysed online activity from the pilot’s personal devices.

Extracted data shows that during the period from 16-23 March – the week leading up to the 24 March crash – research had been carried out into medical treatments and possible methods for committing suicide.

But the prosecutor’s office also says that the research included details on cockpit doors and associated security procedures.

The office is not giving details about the specific terms used.

It states that personal correspondence and other details show that the first officer had been using the equipment over the period under scrutiny.

None of the 150 passengers and crew members survived the collision with high terrain after the A320 left its cruising altitude and descended towards the Alps in south-eastern France.

Source: Cirium Dashboard