Sukhoi’s civil aircraft division cut pre-tax losses by more than three-quarters last year, its newly-released accounts have revealed.

The airframer, which manufactures the Superjet 100, generated a 22% rise in revenues, to Rb35.4 billion ($516 million), over the full year.

While this was outstripped by a 28% increase in goods and services expenditure, the company benefited from a substantial fall in “other expenses” compared with 2014’s figures.

This enabled Sukhoi Civil Aircraft to post a pre-tax loss of Rb10.9 billion.

While the company had declared a pre-tax loss for 2014 of just under Rb5 billion, and a net loss Rb4.6 billion, for 2014, its latest financial statement substantially restates its "other income" and "other expenses" figures for the year.

These adjustments heavily revise the 2014 pre-tax loss to Rb48.9 billion and the net loss to Rb39.9 billion, indicating that the company's overall performance improved.

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft's net profit for the year ending 31 December 2015 fell to Rb10.8 billion, according to its income statement.

Source: Cirium Dashboard