Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA) led all divisions in job reductions within the company during 2016, according to a final year-end tally.

The total number of positions at BCA dropped by 6,091 from 28 January to 22 December last year, a reduction of 7.38%, Boeing says. That fell just shy of the company’s goal of eliminating 8% of the BCA workforce last year.

By contrast, the number of corporate-level positions dropped by 6.16% and Boeing Defense Space and Security positions fell by 2.24%.

Overall employment at Boeing declined by 5.6% in 2016, falling to 150,540 over the course of the year.

Boeing has announced plans to cut more positions at BCA this year, even as production continues to ramp up on the 737 and 787 programmes. At the same time, Boeing is reducing monthly output on the 777 assembly line.

Source: Cirium Dashboard