Latest efforts to locate the wreckage of Air France flight AF447 have ended without success, and no indication as to whether a new search will be undertaken.

The vessel used in the hunt, Seabed Worker, is heading for Cape Verde after suspending the search on 24 May.

France's Bureau d'Enquetes et d'Analyses says the search - the third since the loss of the aircraft almost a year ago - covered "nearly" the whole area drawn up by investigators.

The vessel was temporarily taken out of the primary search zone after analysis suggested a possible new location for the missing Airbus A330's flight recorders.

Nothing was located, however, and a spokesman for BEA says it is "too early to say" whether a fourth search will be launched.

"First they have to analyse the data collected since the beginning of the investigation," he adds.

AF447 crashed in the South Atlantic on 1 June 2009 while en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris.

Source: Air Transport Intelligence news