TOYOTA HAS RECEIVED US Federal Aviation Administration production certification for a piston aero-engine developed jointly with Hamilton Standard. The 270kW (360hp) FV2400-2TC is a twin-turbocharged Vee-8 based on Toyota's Lexus car engine and equipped with a Hamilton Standard full-authority digital engine-control (Flight International, 24-30 April, 1996).

US type-certification of the engine was received in February 1996, but production certification took longer as the engines are to be produced by Toyota and shipped to Hamilton Standard for installation of the control system, testing and delivery to customers.

The partners have yet to announce an application for the FV2400, which will be marketed directly against established Teledyne Continental and Textron Lycoming engines.

Toyota says that production plans for the engine , including the start date and output volume, have yet to be decided.

Source: Flight International