Fresh from its 2018 acquisition by Elbit Systems, Universal Avionics wants EBACE attendees to know that it now offers complete cockpit avionics suites, from head-up displays to head-down flight management systems.

"We have been bridging our products," says Universal director of sales Robert Clare. "We feel like we are bringing a total new concept by offering the entire package of head-up and head-down."

Elbit, the Israeli manufacturer of head-up and helmet-mounted displays, acquired Universal, which historically made flight management systems and cockpit displays, in 2018.

Now aircraft owners and operators can turn to Universal to supply both systems, says Clare, as he demonstrates SkyLens, Universal's wearable head-up display.

SkyLens displays images generated by Universal's "enhanced flight vision system" – technology that combines multispectral camera images with 3D computer-generated images.

Pilots using SkyLens can "see" outside the cockpit in poor visibility and the technology can be used to make landing possible in reduced visibility.

Universal has a deal to provide the system on ATR turboprops, says Clare.

The vision systems link with Universal's Insight cockpit displays and flight management computers.

Universal has been busy in recent months helping operators meet the fast-approaching 2020 deadline for aircraft to have ADS-B out. It is also equipping aircraft with its UniLink communications management system, which enables digital communication with air traffic controllers.

"Slots are filling up fast," says Clare of ADS-B installations. "Some are waiting until the last minute."

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