The US Air Force is working on adding new displays onto the Boeing F-15C Eagle air superiority fighter to complement the aircraft's upgraded sensors.

The service is already adding Raytheon's APG-63(V)3 active electronically scanned array radar onto the fleet. But the type will also receive the advanced display core processor II, Eagle passive/active warning and survivability system, Mode 5 identification friend or foe, a new flight data recorder, a satellite communications radio and a new digital video recorder, according to the F-15 System Program Office. The F-15 will also receive a series of software block updates.

Now, the USAF is investigating the addition of two new modern liquid crystal displays to replace the F-15C's antiquated radar and defensive electronic warfare systems displays, says Col Robert Novotny, commander of the 53rd Test and Evaluation Group at Nellis AFB, Nevada, which evaluates new technology and tactics for the service.

Neither of the older displays, which have been on the Eagle since its introduction into service, allows pilots to take full advantage of the jet's new sensors. The new displays, which offer much greater resolution, will allow F-15 pilots to use their new sensors far more effectively.


 US Air Force

Source: Flight International