Following a damaging runway overrun by a Cessna Citation Jet III business jet at Sao Paulo Congonhas airport on 11 November, the Brazilian aviation authority, Infraero, confirmed that the main runway had been closed from 17:35h to 18:41h to allow the firefighters to rescue the two pilots and passenger on board, and to check the runway was safe.

The Tropic Air Citation (PR-MRG) from Florianópolis, overran the runway end at Sao Paulo's downtown airport and crashed down an embankment on to the edge of a busy city street. Infraero says two people needed hospital treatment.

Eleven flights needed to be diverted, said Infraero, but then Congonhas reverted to normal operation.

In July 2007 a TAM Linhas Aereas Airbus A320 overran the same runway very fast, killing all six crew and 181 passengers, as well as 12 people on the ground.

Source: Flight International