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  • Boeing 777X Production

    Boeing sticks to 777X timeline despite GE9X delays


    Boeing insists its 777X programme remains on track for 2020 deliveries despite fresh engine issues that seemingly push the certification timeline toward the outer edge of the airframer’s expectations.

  • A350-1000

    Ten-abreast A350 would be 'uncatchable' by 777X


    Airbus chief commercial officer Christian Scherer believes a 10-abreast configuration for the A350-1000 would mean the variant would be “uncatchable” by the rival Boeing 777-9.

  • Boeing CEO Dennis Muilenburg

    Boeing chief upbeat as 777X and NMA concept progress


    Boeing’s chief executive is looking beyond the 737 Max crisis, saying today’s challenges will leave Boeing with a healthier supply chain and better prepared to capitalise on still-surging demand for new jetliners.

  • nma-GA-no-caption

    Boeing 777X and NMA timelines unaffected by 737 Max issues: CEO


    Boeing’s chief executive has assured investors that the company’s massive effort to return the 737 Max to service has not affected – at least not significantly – 777X development or potential development of the “new mid-market airplane” (NMA).

  • Boeing. 970x550px 031319-1

    Boeing unveils 777X to employees


    Boeing has released images of the first fully assembled 777X, a 777-9 variant that Boeing unveiled to employees on 13 March.