Airbus Military has completed the delivery of three A330 multi-role tanker transports (MRTTs) to the United Arab Emirates, while the customer's first crews have also completed their training on the type.

The UAE received its first Rolls-Royce Trent 700-engined A330 tanker/transport in February 2013, under a three-aircraft order signed in February 2008.

UAE A330 MRTT tanker - Airbus Military

 Airbus Military  

To be based at Al-Ain air base, the type will be used to provide in-flight refuelling support for its air force's Dassault Mirage 2000/-9 and Lockheed Martin F-16E/F combat aircraft, with receiver qualification activities with both types having already been completed. The type can also be employed in an air transport role, with a cabin configured for up to 256 passengers.

"The first five [UAE] A330 MRTT crews completed their training earlier this month, and the final five will begin training in September for completion in early 2014," Airbus Military said on 5 August.

The company says it has now delivered 17 A330-based MRTTs to the air forces of Australia, Saudi Arabia, the UAE and the UK. It also expects to secure contracts to provide the type to France and India.

Source: Flight International