Boeing landed no new commercial aircraft orders in April and slashed its 737 backlog by 171 aircraft amid the collapse of Indian carrier Jet Airways.

Chicago-based Boeing’s April deliveries also slowed to a trickle as the 737 Max remains grounded.

Boeing took 207 737s off its books in the first four months of 2019, though 36 737 orders equate to a net reduction of 171 737s in the four-month period, according to Boeing's figures.

Boeing also took 10 787s off its backlog in April.

Including 737 and 787 reductions, Boeing's total backlog of all aircraft types declined by 119 between January and April.

The reduction largely reflects Jet Airways' suspension of flights in April, which prompted Boeing to remove 210 aircraft from its books. Jet had orders for 737s and 787s, according to Cirium's Fleets Analyzer.

Though Boeing’s order book shows it received four new 737 orders in April, the entry actually reflects the transfer of delivery slots. Boeing Capital gave up four 737 Max slots to an existing customer that previously held later delivery slots, and Boeing logging the transfer as new orders. However, Boeing Capital’s 737 orders declined by four as a result, meaning Boeing’s year-to-date total of 737 orders actually declined by four in April.

Including cancellations and other backlog reductions, Boeing's orders this year declined by 119 aircraft. That figure includes the reduction of the 737 backlog by 171 aircraft, plus orders for four 767s, 20 777s and 28 787s, it says.

The company’s commercial aircraft backlog stood at 5,582 aircraft at the end of April, including 4,439 737s, 21 747s, 103 767s, 435 777s and 584 787s.

In April, Boeing delivered only 23 aircraft, roughly half as many as it delivered in April 2018. The decline largely reflects the March grounding of the 737 Max.

Last month’s deliveries included nine 737NGs, one 747, one 777 and 12 787s, it says.

Story updated to correct the number of 737s Boeing removed from its backlog in the first four months of 2019 and to explain the transfer of a customer's delivery slots for four 737s.

Source: Cirium Dashboard