Boeing expects that the Asia-Pacific region will need 244,000 new commercial pilots over the next 20 years, with China accounting for more than half the demand.

In its 2019 Pilot and Technician Outlook, Boeing notes that the region continues to be the key driver of future demand for pilots, technicians and cabin crew, accounting for one-third of anticipated global demand.

The forecast projects that the Asia-Pacific region will need 244,000 new commercial pilots, or 38%, of the pilots needed around the globe. It will account for around 39% of the global demand for maintenance technicians, or about 249,000 personnel. The region will also make up 37% of global demand for cabin crew, or about 323,000 personnel.

In particular, Boeing notes that demand in China will be “most significant”. Out of the 244,000 new commercial pilots projected, China is expected to need 124,000. Southeast Asia and South Asia follow, with 20% and 17% of the demand respectively.

China also leads in demand for technicians and cabin crew. Forecasts for maintenance technician and cabin crew numbers are pegged at about 124,000 and 150,000, respectively.

Boeing is also forecasting that over the next 20 years, airlines globally will need 44,000 new aircraft. About 39% of them will go to carriers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The manufacturer states that its forecast is pegged to aircraft delivery projections, taking into account aircraft utilisation and crew requirements.