Pratt & Whitney Canada is continuing to ramp up PW800 production and says its PW812D will be ready for the Dassault Falcon 6X's expected 2022 service entry.

"We are fully on track," P&WC director of sales and marketing Cedric Gauthier says of the Dassault engine programme. "We are hitting all the milestones to hit entry into service in 2022."

The engine maker enters EBACE with its PW800 now in service on Gulfstream G500s and moving toward service entry on the G600 and Falcon 6X.

The 14,000lb (62.3kN)-thrust PW814 started earning its keep in September 2018 when Gulfstream delivered the first G500.

The 15,000lb-thrust PW815 will enter service as soon as June when Gulfstream expects to deliver the first G600.

"It's been as spectacular an entry into service as we could have wished," Gauthier says. "There have been no issues on the engine whatsoever."

The PW800 programme has benefited from the service experience of Pratt & Whitney's geared turbofans, which power several commercial aircraft. PW814s and PW815s share the core of the Airbus A220's PW1500G geared turbofan.

P&WC continues testing PW812Ds in anticipation of the Falcon 6X's 2022 service entry goal. Five test engines have logged some 1,000h of trials, including critical "high-risk" evaluations of bird strikes, ice issues and lost fan blades, Gauthier says.

The PW812D shares the same core as the Mitsubishi Aircraft MRJ's PW1200G.

Dassault chose the 12,000-13,000lb-thrust PW812D to power the 6X, a replacement for the 5X, which it cancelled after troubles with the 5X's Safran Silvercrest engines.

P&WC is prepared to accelerate PW800 production in step with the G500, G600 and 6X programmes, Gauthier says.

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Source: Flight Daily News