Turkish Aerospace says development of an indigenous engine for its T625 commercial and parapublic helicopter is on track for integration in 2021 – although the intermediate twin is likely to enter service before that with current CTS800 engines from Rolls-Royce/Honeywell joint venture LHTEC.

The manufacturer exhibited a full-scale mock-up of the 12-passenger type at the Bahrain air show just weeks after the first flight test aircraft made its debut sortie on 6 September. A second example is due to fly around the turn of the year, with it targeting EASA certification in 2020.

The alternative engine, dubbed the TS1400, is being developed by Turkish Aerospace and GE Aviation partnership Tusas Engine Industries.

Although it has not announced a launch customer, the manufacturer believes there is a domestic market for around 300 T625s, including in the offshore, VIP, and parapublic sectors, with further opportunities for export.

Turkish Aerospace is pushing the 6t T625 as an “all-Turkish” helicopter that will be “best in its class” – the airframer and its sister companies designed the airframe, avionics, and transmission, says Tamer Ozmen, vice-president corporate marketing.

Source: Flight International