Indonesian Aerospace (IAe), also known as Dirgantara Indonesia, has completed the production of two NC212i tactical transport aircraft due for delivery to the Philippines air force in 2017.

The airframer made the disclosure following a visit to its Bandung factory by the chief of the Philippines air force.

IAe adds that it hopes to get EASA certification for Bandung-produced NC212i aircraft within the next few months.

Besides the Philippines, IAe is also building three NC212i for Vietnam.

In April 2013, Airbus Defence & Space (then Airbus Military) entered a deal with IAe to develop the type, an upgraded version of the C212 tactical transport. The two companies first announced plans for the NC212i in November 2012.

The aircraft offers new digital avionics and a new autopilot. The civilian variant will have a capacity for up to 28 passengers, compared with 25 for the C212.

The NC212i is powered by two Honeywell TPE331 turboprops.