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There is a new air show on the calendar – in Turkey. Farnborough International is teaming with local company Medyacity to launch the Eurasia Airshow at Antalya Airport on 25-28 April 2018.

The organisers hope to attract up to 1,000 exhibitors to the three-day event, which will be followed by a public show. They say Antalya was chosen because it its airfield is large enough to accommodate larger aircraft than those in cities such as Istanbul.

Announcing the show yesterday with Hakan Kurt from Medyacity, Farnborough International chief executive Shaun Ormrod said there had been “tremendous investment” in airports and the civil aviation industry in Turkey and surrounding region. “The Eurasia Airshow will allow the aerospace industry to grow and develop further in the region,” he said.

Kurt added: “The knowledge and experience of the Farnborough International team alongside our local event organising expertise will go a long way.”

It is the second announcement this week on an air show cooperation agreement by Farnborough International. On Monday, the air show organiser signed a memorandum of understanding with Chinese authorities to develop the Sichuan International Airshow in September 2019.

The proposed show will now take place two years later than originally planned when the venture was announced at the Paris air show in 2015. it will now coincide with the opening of a new international airport in Chengdu, due to open in 2019.

Source: Flight Daily News