Antonov is showing off its new-look An-70 military transport for the first time in the flying display at a Paris show, as it looks to lift further orders for the type.

Involved in a flight test campaign launched last year, following the integration of modern avionics equipment, the lone prototype's previous white colour scheme has been replaced with a more operational-looking grey. But the distinctive counter-rotating propellers driven by its Ivchenko-Progress D27 propfan engines still sport the blue and yellow of Ukraine's national flag.

Antonov An-70


With a contract in place to build an initial three transports for the air force of Ukraine, potential demand from Russia and Volga-Dnepr Airlines also having shown interest in a possible commercial An-70T freighter variant, Antonov is seeking new sales.

The An-70 has a maximum payload capacity of 47t - 10t more than Airbus Military's A400M - and a 405kt (750km/h) cruise speed. Its manufacturer is also promoting its ability to perform short take-off and landing operations from unpaved strips while carrying a 20t payload.

Other developments on offer at the show include a proposed An-178 medium transport featuring a rear cargo ramp, and a maritime patrol aircraft variant of the An-148-300. Displayed in model form, the latter would carry a maritime search radar, sonobuoy dispensers and an electro-optical/infrared sensor, and have onboard consoles for seven mission system operators.

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Source: Flight Daily News