US helicopter maker Kaman is promoting the unmanned version of its K-1200 K-Max helicopter to overseas buyers.

"K-Max is a capability people would like to have," says Terry Fogarty, programme manager for K-Max. "It's performing a new mission, and people will need to work out how it will integrate with their force structures."

The US Marines are using an unmanned K-Max to experiment with an unmanned resupply capability in Afghanistan. Another example crashed in Afghanistan on 5 June. Fogarty says there is no information yet about the cause, and that the US military is conducting an investigation into the incident.

One obstacle to overseas sales, says Fogarty, are export restrictions imposed by the Missile Technology Control Regime. Nonetheless, he says several countries have expressed interest in the system.

K-Max is a joint programme between Kaman and Lockheed Martin, under which Kaman provides the aircraft and autopilot, and Lockheed Martin the ground control station, and other hardware and software required for an unmanned capability.

Source: Flight Daily News