Both crew members of a British Army Westland/Boeing Apache AH1 attack helicopter escaped injury after their aircraft struck overhead power lines during a night-time training flight in the UK on 21 February.

The crew performed a precautionary landing in a field following the mishap, which happened near the Army Air Corps' (AAC) Wattisham airfield site in Suffolk. The incident disrupted electricity supplies to about 370 properties, according to reports quoting local supplier UK Power Networks.

 Apache prang front - Rex Features

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Images of the aircraft taken on 22 February show limited signs of damage to the Apache following the collision, but an army source confirmed the aircraft will be subjected to checks at Wattisham following its recovery to the site.

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Wattisham is the British Army's main operating base for the Apache in the UK, and is home to the AAC's frontline regiments operating the type, plus 662 Sqn, which completes the training of new pilots following earlier work conducted at the Army Aviation Centre in Middle Wallop, Hampshire.

The UK acquired a total of 67 Apache AH1s, with the type having been involved in combat operations in Afghanistan since 2006.

Source: Flight International