The Comac ARJ21 regional jet has embarked on a high-altitude demonstration flight tour in southwest China.

The Chinese airframer says the aircraft, registered B-001T, first flew from Kunming to Lijiang, then to Xishuangbanna and back to Kunming.

The three-day demonstration tour is expected to take the aircraft to three more points in the region: Dali, Lincang and Tengchong in Yunnan province.

ARJ21 highAlt


Comac will also host a seminar during the tour discussing China’s high-altitude market.

It says that the ARJ21 regional jet is well-suited for the high-altitude operations, especially in Yunnan province.

“[The ARJ21] is especially suitable for … take-off and landing conditions and complicated flight route demands,” Comac adds.

Cirium’s Fleets Analyzer shows that there are currently 15 ARJ21 jets in service with two Chinese carriers: Chengdu Airlines and Genghis Khan Airlines. Comac has another 235 ARJ21s on firm order.